If you plan to go to the Blue Planet Aquarium at Cheshire Oaks next week, then don't forget your superhero fancy dress costumes.

The visitor attraction is hosting a Superhero Week until June 6th which aims to teach people all about the super powers of the marine world, the Ellesmere Port Pioneer reports.

Staff will don fancy dress and visitors are invited to do so to in order to take part in a range of fun activities, including shows in the aquatheatre.

Meanwhile, creatures like archer fish (shooting skills), sharks (super senses) and eels (electric) will be the real-life stars of the exhibition.

Blue Planet spokesperson Paul Renolds said: "The aquatic world is home to some truly incredible creatures, many of which could hold their own against any comic book superhero."

If you want to join in, how about dressing up as one of our most favourite superheroes by choosing a She-Ra costume?

He-Man's twin sister is perfect for a retro revival, as well as handy if you need to defend the honour of Grayskull.