Barnstaple Grand Prix Fancy DressLet Monaco keep their F1 Grand Prix because in the sleepy town of Barnstaple, Devon there is a yearly event with more prestige, danger and excitement than any yacht fraught waters in the South of France could ever offer. We are of course talking about the Barnstaple Grand Prix where pedal bikes, scooters, skateboards and the grand finale lawnmowers are raced through the streets by fancy dress clad aficionados. This year’s Grand Prix took place last Sunday and saw a collection of the UK’s finest lawnmower racers gather from across the UK in Barnstaple in their souped-up grass cutting machines. The event was organized by Petroc College and BIDBarnstaple as they aimed to raise as much money as possible in aid of Children’s Hospice South West. It wasn’t just the daredevil drivers on the streets for the event, hundreds of spectators gathered to watch as live music was performed in the local square. To the victor go the spoils and the glory and this year’s list of Barstaple champions can be found below: Scooter & Skateboard Champion: Harry Dowling Best Dressed: Jim Turner who wore a Knight in Shining Armour costume Lawnmower Champion: Triple 666 who clocked up an impressive 102 laps throughout the day to win. At Escapade we are thrilled to discovered this amazing event and we are throwing down the gauntlet and will be looking to sponsor a driver wearing a funny fancy dress costume for next years event. If you’re interested in taking part please leave a comment below and we will contact you shortly.