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A new show based on the Batman story is set to tour the UK, beginning in Manchester in July 2011, it has been revealed.

Batman Live is billed as a stage spectacular by creators DC Comics and is set to feature action, adventures and explosions.

However, anyone hoping to see the Caped Crusader singing might be disappointed, as its creators were quick to point out it isn't a musical.

Nick Court and Sam Heughen will alternate in playing Batman/Bruce Wayne, while Kamran Darabi-Ford and Michael Pickering are to take on the role of Robin.

Geoff Johns from DC Comics said audiences are really going to feel as though they are part of Gotham City.

"When Batman comes out and you see him doing this thing live, it's a totally different experience," he added.

Batman Live will begin at Manchester's MEN Arena and tour the country before finishing in Belfast on October 8th 2011.

Last month, Michael Gough, the man famous for playing Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth, died at the age of 94.

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