If you're going out in Halloween fancy dress this October, then you may want to keep an eye open for zombies - because they could be the real thing.

The End of the World has said it intends to party like there's no tomorrow on October 30th, because the military will release a virus which turns humans into killer zombies that evening and it will spread rapidly across the UK.

Consequently, there will be events going on in "secret bunkers" in Leeds, Nottingham and Bristol that will allow revellers to dance until the zombies break in and eat their brains.

Check out the End of the World website if you want to join in - and remember, if you see someone in zombie fancy dress, run like the wind!

We think some or all of the above may be made up - in fact, it's a lot like the plot of both 28 Days Later and new book The Passage - but it sounds like a great theme for your own bash.

Why not circulate your own invites and see if you can recreate that Armageddon atmosphere?