If you're a resident of Widnes in Cheshire, don't think you've had a few too many if you see lots of ballerina costumes out this Friday night (May 28th 2010).

A group of fundraisers have decided to don dainty fancy dress in order to generate cash for the charity Wish Upon A Star, Runcorn and Widnes World reports.

Steven and Anna Rathbone are behind the plans and explained that they do something special every year to remember their sons, who tragically died as babies due to health problems.

"We always try and raise money for a children's charity. we decided to dress up as ballerinas for a pub crawl," explained Steven.

They will be shaking collection tins all over Widnes this weekend, so if you see them, say hello and give as much as you can for this worthy cause.

We love the idea of ballerina costumes for group fundraising. However, if you're a guy and want something a little different, we'd highly recommend a Ballerina Gorilla Costume - you'd get so many giggles that you'd raise a fortune!