Most women would go for a classic gown on their wedding day rather than superhero fancy dress, it's probably safe to say.

However, this was not the case for 40-year-old Sharon Vaughan recently, who dressed up as Wonder Woman to marry sweetheart Neil.

The groom was not exactly traditionally-attired either, since he headed to the altar wearing a Batman fancy dress costume, the Daily Mail reports.

Meanwhile, all the other guests and participants in the nuptials were invited to dress up too, resulting in bridesmaids that looked like the Power Puff Girls and the Joker acting as Master of Ceremonies.

"We are not particularly traditional and we wanted to have a fun day with our friends, so I suggested we have a themed wedding," explained Mr Vaughan.

The wedding - which took place in Devon - looked like a lot of fun and the Vaughans said it saved them plenty of money when compared to a traditional ceremony.

However, perhaps Mrs Vaughan should have opted for Bat Girl to add some continuity to the theme!