Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching and for many single people out there this can often be a day to forget! Single girls may be considering spending their Valentine’s Day “doing a Bridget Jones” and indulging on tubs of ice-cream, whilst sat in pyjamas and crying over a romantic film. On the other hand, single guys might consider a Tinder Party with their friends...yes, they’re real! Both of these scenarios are based on stereotypes found on TV and in the movies. With this in mind, Escapade found that a “desperate singles” fancy dress costume was not yet available on the market. We went away to source the public’s perception of single males and females, and based on this data we built an ideal picture of what the typical singleton fancy dress costume would look like. The Concept We surveyed 411 people to find out whether there is a correlation between a single person’s attire and their hobbies. We picked out a number of stereotypical traits found in popular TV and films, and we asked our survey which were the most popular. The Findings Femalesescapdaewoman Here is a run-down of our results: ·         63% of our survey believed that “dangerous high-heels” were most associated with single females ·         42% of respondents thought that single women were most likely wear skinny jeans and an “I Love Cats” jumper ·         40% believed a scruffy hairdo was the most common hairstyle amongst single females ·         34% believed that single women were most obsessed with the hit US movie ‘Magic Mike’. This was closely followed by ’50 Shades of Grey’ at 26%         Malesescapdaeman ·         53% of respondents thought that scuffed Converse shoes were most associated with single males ·         Similarly, just over half the survey believed that skinny jeans and a mid-luxury t-shirt would suit the ideal single man ·         42% believed that a centre-parting hair cut is stereotypically seen on a single man ·         35% believed that stereotypical single males were most obsessed by Minecraft, closely followed by 32% choosing Star Wars   After we had analysed the data we created visual representations of our stereotypical singletons, which can be found below: Conclusion Our results clearly highlight how our favourites TV shows and movies can influence stereotypes of single people. Males were generally seen as “geeky” and preferred hobbies which leaned towards activities such as gaming and surfing the internet. The data for females pointed towards “dangerous high-heels”, ‘Magic Mike’ and ’50 Shades of Grey’ which suggests that females are more romantic. If you are interested in buying an outfit for Valentine’s Day head to our selection of costumes. How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? Let us know on our Twitter at @escapade_uk using the hashtag #valentinesday