National Superhero Day is approaching this month and falls on the 28th April.  Here at Escapade we simply cannot wait!

Thought up by the staff at Marvel Comics in 1995, the day was established for honouring both fictional and real-life superheroes and has been around for over 2 decades now.

How to celebrate

  1. Have a superhero film marathon

Why not round up all your favourite superhero movies and have a movie marathon. Think Iron man, Justice League and  Deadpool.

Or even better you could celebrate this special day by taking a trip to the cinema to watch the latest Avengers: Endgame move or you could read through your comic book collection.

2. Host a cosplay dinner party

Our favourite way to celebrate is to dress up as our favourite superheroes of course.  Why not create a superhero themed dinner party?

Invite some of your most heroic friends and get everyone to dress as their favourites.  Of course the options are endless so to narrow it down, you could even pick a theme such as Marvel or DC Comics.

Take a look at some of our best ideas and get inspired.

DC Superheroes Fancy Dress Costumes
From left to right: Superman Inflatable Costume Top, Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume, Justice League Batman Muscle Chest Costume, Wonder Woman 2017 Film Costume
From left to right: Black Widow Costume, Iron Man 2nd Costume, Captain Marvel Hero Suit Costume, Marvel's Lady Deadpool

3. Gather your favourite comic books

And host a book reading club with your fellow comic lover friends.

4. Celebrate your own real life superheroes

Use this day to think about who has been truly heroic in your life and make an effort to express your gratitude in some sort of way.  You could write them a letter or bake them brownies; anything to express gratitude is a great way to celebrate.