Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Hollywood Halloween is coming and each year Hollywood continues to go above and beyond on this occasion with celebrities providing us with hundreds of innovative and glitzy looks.  Whilst many automatically think of scary and horror costumes, many celebs have even been steering away from these looks and instead have been opting for sexy or funny costumes.  We’ve seen all sorts, from stars channelling each other in signature looks from the past (think Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera and Mylie Cyrus as Lil’ Kim) to couples looking for iconic duos to imitate.  Halloween has turned into an all-round fun fancy dress extravaganza, so if you’re looking for some inspo and want to adopt a more vibrant look rather than blood, guts and gore, who better to look to than the stars. To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up Hollywood’s very best.

Pretty Woman

A fave amongst many, who wouldn’t want to channel this classic. In 2012 Emma Roberts channelled her aunt Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman by wearing the very unforgettable dress worn by her character Vivian Ward.  Not only did we notice Emma adopting this look but it was also spotted on Robin Thicke’s girlfriend in 2016. It seems like this iconic look never goes out of style. Pretty Woman Costume

Pretty Lady Costume

Jessica Roger Rabbit

Was there ever a sexier cartoon than Jessica Roger Rabbit.  In 2015 the queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum dressed up as this fictional character for her annual Halloween party and boy did she go all out. Not only did she wear the dress but she also made sure she had the voluptuous figure to fill it with the help of Oscar-winning makeup artists and prosthetics. In 2016, the leggy Victoria Secrets model, Alessandra Ambrosio also adopted this look and now you can too! Heidi Klum as Jessica Roger Rabbit

Credit: @heidiklum/Instagram

  Jessica Roger Rabbit costume and wig

Roger who? Costume, Jessica Rabbit Style, Silver Screen Sinsation Wig

Barbie and Ken

Certainly, a great duo for a couple and Beyoncé and Jay Z most definitely proved that when they rocked up sporting DIY outfits which even included the dolls packaging! Rita Ora also decided to take a plastic is fantastic shocking pink approach in 2014 when she also dressed up as Barbie for the occasion.   Beyonce and Jay z as Barbie and Ken

Credit: @Beyonce/Instagram

  Want to follow this idea? Our brand new Barbie and Ken costumes should do the trick Barbie and Ken costumes

Barbie Safari Ken Costume, Barbie Costume


Queen of the Nile also seems to go down a treat in Hollywood with celebs transforming into the golden goddess, Cleopatra time and time again.  From  Nicole Scherzinger to Emily Ratajkowski  and even Cher, the Cleopatra look always seems to be a hit.

Cleopatra Costumes

Egyptian Goddess Costume, Gold Toga Cleopatra Dress

The Incredibles

A great look for families, Jessica Alba and her husband and kids certainly embrace this superhero family in 2012. Jessica Alba and family as the incredibles

Credit: @jessicaalba/Instagram

Get the family look with our brand new Incredibles 2 costumes! The Incredibles 2 Costumes

From left to right: Incredibles 2 Muscle Chest Top Child, Mrs Incredibles 2 Costume, Incredibles 2 Pet Costume, Incredibles 2 Tutu Dress, Child, Mr Incredibles 2 Costume


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe fancy dress

Marilyn Monroe Jewellery Set, Marilyn Monroe Wig

We loved the glamorous look adopted by Cindy Crawford in 1996 when she dressed up as the ultimate bombshell Marilyn Monroe in 1996.  The look looked just as fabulous when also done by Karlie Kloss in 2017 sporting a replica of the plunging neckline white dress.

Junk Food

Funnier rather than sexy dressing up as delicious junk food also seems to be a trending Halloween idea amongst the stars. Katy Perry went as a giant Cheeto in 2014 donning a simply hilarious ensemble which even included a handbag in the form of a Cheeto’s crisp bag. We’ve also seen Alexa Chung as a hamburger and Gwen Stefani as an egg! Kat perry in Giant Cheeto Costume

Credit: @katyperry/Instagram

Get kitted out in your faves! junk food costumes

From left to right: Hot Dog Costume, Get Real, Burger Costume, Egg Costume

Punk Rocker

It looks as those Cindy Crawford loves to explore alternative lifestyles by adopting various alter egos. In 2015 we saw her take on the role of a biker chic when she dressed as a hell’s angel in a leather mini, Harley Davidson T-shirt, spiky collar and black wig. The following year she decided to amp up the volume even more but transforming herself and her family into Punk Rocker’s for the evening and oh my did they look wild! Cindy Crawford and family as punk rockers

Credit: @cindycrawford/Instagram


Celebs as celebs

Freaky but fascinating, we simply adore this theme.  From Kylie as Christina to Paris Hilton as Mylie Cyrus. Kylie Jenner as Christina Aquilera

Credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Want to look like a celeb? celebrity costumes

From left to right: 80s Bad Girl Costume, 80s Purple Musician Costume, Tina Turner Costume, Gold Rock Queen, Queen, Break Free Housewife Costume

Fairy tale Princesses

Bring the Disney Magic to the spooky holiday, we’ve seen celebs as Princess Jasmine, Cinderella and Tinkerbell to name but a few!   Paris Hilton as Tinkerbell

Credit: @parishilton/Instagram

  If you want to explore some more alternative costume ideas for Halloween, these always go down a treat too! Whether you want to be an iconic superhero or a character from your fave cult classic, here are some other ideas!

For Her

alternative Halloween costume ideas for her

From left to right: Nun Costume, Classic, Clueless Cher Costume, Catwoman Costume, Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume, Princess Leia Slave Bikini Costume


For Him

Alternative Halloween Costume Ideas for Him

From left to right: Teletubbies 4 Pack Costumes, Baby Boomer Adult Costume, Plumber Mario Deluxe Costume, Ghostbusters Costume, Pineapple Tabard Costume