If you want to dress as a superhero soon, you'd better get your hands on a Thor fancy dress costume.

Thor is the latest superhero from Marvel comics who is to get a Hollywood movie in his name, so fans are getting very excited, particularly after some behind the scenes footage was released by producers.

Chris Hemsworth plays the god of thunder, while Natalie Portman is his love interest and Anthony Hopkins is Odin.

Very little has been said about the content of the film, but it is sure to be a CGI triumph - one big explosion is featured in the video clip if you get chance to check it out.

Thor first appeared in issue 83 of the comic Journey into Mystery and was created by Stan Lee.

Based on the Norse god, Thor is sent to earth by his father and is put into the body of medical student Donald Blake to learn humility.

All his memories of being a deity are removed, but when Donald/Thor witnesses an alien invasion, he stumbles upon his former hammer and is again transformed into the thunder god.

It's a big summer for superhero fancy dress, as we have also recently checked out the costumes of Iron Man 2
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