Christma Jumper Day HEader Has your gran knitted you a special jumper for Christmas this year? Or perhaps you want to show off a snazzy, snuggly little winter woolie that you found from hours of trawling vintage shops the world over? Maybe you have the most gloriously garish Xmas jumper ever - one so bright and Christmassy that it outshines even the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree - and you just have to take this opportunity to show to the world? Well, whatever your reasons to Celebrate Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 16th December, here’s five fun ways to do so (and raise some money for Save the Children in the meantime) …   Have a Sing-Along! Is there any site greater than a group of people in brightly-coloured knits, all having a jolly old knees-up and singing along to their favourite tunes? Well, in our opinion, there aren’t many. Setting up a special sweater sing-along or karaoke isn’t usually too difficult, and you can ask for donations to take part. Just try not to disturb all your neighbours, although we would heartily recommend them to join in on the festivities! sing  Jumpers Vs. Cardigans The battle that has raged on for centuries can finally be ended once and for all, and the answer to the question, “Jumper or cardigan - which is better?” can finally be answered. How you decide to come to the answer, we do not know. Could it be a quiz? A marathon of some sort? Or maybe even a Gladiator-style duel, where you hit your opponent with foam-filled pugil sticks till one of you is considered the victor? There are all sorts of fun themes and ideas you can come up with using this concept. Just no future totalitarian society-style Christmases, with cardigan-wearers being taken away in mysterious white vans, OK?    Make a Game of It Want to find out who in the office can wear the most Christmas jumpers at once? Or maybe you want to send your boss into a board meeting or presentation wearing the most ridiculous sweater you and your colleagues can find? Or maybe even get your teacher to wear a more horrible Christmas pullover the more donations they get? Well, whatever the dare, just remind yourself that it’s all for a good cause, and hope that the consequences won’t cause you or the dare-taker too much embarrassment! (Although that kind of is the point!)     A Silly Sports Day Yes, it’s often associated to schools, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a three-legged or egg-and-spoon race into your work or social life for Christmas Jumper Day. Hysterics are sure to be abound!    An Xmas Woolie Drive! Get everyone at your office or school to donate an unwanted Christmas jumper, scarf, hat, gloves, cardigan or any other woolies you can think of, sell them for as much as you can at Ebay or any other auction site, and give the proceeds to Save the Children. A simple and great way to raise money for charity. donations As a final sixth special - and very honourable - mention, you cannot ever go wrong with a good old-fashioned bake sale. After all, you cannot ever have too much cake at Christmas! (Well, we’re sure you can, but that’s an argument best left for another day!) So go on and get your Save the Children fundraiser pack, and get involved today!