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It has been reported that Suri Cruise might be having a circus-themed party for her fifth birthday.

According to the Sun, her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are to splash out £13,000 on the celebrations, bringing in real elephants and giraffes to entertain their daughter and her friends.

As Suri is a fan of Alice in Wonderland too, the newspaper states that there will also be actors dressed as characters from the book at their Beverly Hills home on April 18th 2011.

"Suri loves Alice so they're going to deck out their home exactly like the fantasy. They want to make it extra special for her," a source commented.

Apparently, David and Victoria Beckham have been invited with their three sons, so we'll keep an eye out for our invite in the post.

Holmes recently talked on US talk show Ellen about how she almost had an embarrassing parental moment when Suri picked up some gummi sweets shaped like "boy parts" thinking they were gummi bears.

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