Colleen Atwood's costume designs worn by Charleze Theron in Snow White & The HuntsmanWhile the latest adaptation of the Grimm brother’s fairytale; Snow White & The Huntsman has had a mixed bag of reviews its wardrobe has been held in incredibly high esteem, this may have something to do with 3 time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood expertly plying her craft with some of the most stunning and unique costumes the film world has seen in a long time. Making Charlize Theron look evil is no minor feet. The women has long been one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood and has a fan base of adoring fans in the hundreds of thousands but Atwoods stunning creations which included dresses made from hand cut rooster feathers, thousands of iridescent beetle wings from Thailand, chain mail, and horse hair and metallic trim go a long way to add a dent to Theron’s perfection. The costumes which are currently on view in a pop-up Los Angeles gallery to publicise the films release can be seen close up. While Atwood’s creations are stunning they aren’t exactly practical and if we were heading to a fancy dress party we still prefer the good old fashioned Disney inspired Snow White fancy dress costumes. If Atwood’s Snow White and the Huntsman costumes tickle your fancy you might like some of her previous work. We have Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costumes directly inspired by the designs she did for the 2010 film for which she won the Oscar. She also has a long standing partnership with director Tim Burton and has designed costumes for his films Edward Scissorhands, Sweeny Todd & Sleepy Hallow for which she also received Oscar nominations. Atwood has also won the Oscar for best costume designer for the films Chicago and Memoirs of a Geisha. At Escapade we are huge fans of the Atwood’s work and always are on the watch for her name being attached to upcoming films (it doesn’t matter if the film is awful) with her attached to the title everyone is pretty much guaranteed to look amazing!