A councillor has landed in hot water after being photographed at a party in historical fancy dress.

Mike Gardner from Harrogate had gone to a dressing-up bash which invited revellers to go along in costumes representing the year they were born.

However, the hapless politician went in Hitler fancy dress and even attempted to take the mickey further by mocking the Nazi salute.

All was well until photographs from the evening were leaked onto Facebook, resulting in the Tory councillor being deselected to stand in the next election.

Cllr Gardner said the outfit was only a bit of harmless fun and insisted he has been the victim of a smear campaign, especially since he checked whether or not the get-up would be OK before he wore it.

"I don't dress up as a Nazi normally. This was an exception. I am not a Nazi and I don't behave like that," he commented.

Prince Harry famously got into trouble several years ago after wearing ill-advised Nazi fancy dress to a party.