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Anyone who watched Dallas back in the 1980s may be holding on to their cowboy hat with barely suppressed excitement, as a trailer has been released for the new series, which is set firmly in the 21st century and revisits the characters some two decades later.

The family drama was recently bought by US television network TNT, which is bringing it back for a new generation next year.

However, it is thought that it will soon make the move to Britain too, if it proves to be as successful as expected.

Most of the old cast are making a comeback for the new series, although the stories mostly revolve around the next generation of oil barons and entrepreneurs in Texas.

Patrick Duffy will again be playing Bobby Ewing, while Linda Gray and Larry Hagman will reprise their roles as Sue Ellen and JR Ewing.

They will be joined by Jesse Metcalfe as Bobby's son Christopher and Josh Henderson as JR's son, also called John Ross, among others.

It looks as though they don't get on any better than their dads did either, as they are at each other's throats in the trailer.

The original series of Dallas aired between 1978 and 1991 and centred on the exploits of the Ewings, a cattle and oil dynasty from Southfork Ranch.

It was a massive hit thanks to its dramatic plots and cliffhangers - although it didn't exactly stick to reality. For instance, Bobby Ewing was killed off, only to return to the show, with the explanation being that his death had been a dream of his wife Pam.

In fact, the whole of the eighth series was a dream.

Another cult plot turned out to be Who Shot JR?, which resulted in one of the most watched episodes in television history, with 20 million people tuning in from the UK alone. It was Kristen, in case you can't remember that far back.

Now we're excited - shoulder pads and Stetsons at the ready, people!

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