The contestants of TV's Dancing on Ice have warned the wardrobe department that they will wear any sexy fancy dress that is given to them - as long as it's not green.

After Jennifer Metcalfe ended up in the dance-off last week in a mint hue and Gary Lucy did the same last series, the superstitious skaters have decided the colour to be bad luck and have sworn off it completely.

"Nobody wants green outfits as they're deemed to be a jinx," a source told the Sun.

Hollyoaks star Metcalfe garnered plenty of attention after her skate-off when she planted a smacker on the lips of her screen partner Sylvain Longchambon, but she told the Daily Mirror she can't remember doing it.

However, it may have worked in her favour, because Steven Arnold got the boot from the show instead and was forced to hang up his skates.

Perhaps the remaining contestants could break the green curse by dressing up in leprechaun fancy dress for the next show…