Download 2019 takes place in Donington Park, Leicestershire, between Friday 14th June and Sunday 16th. This year’s headliners include Def Leppard, Slipknot and Tool. Slayer are playing their final UK show, Whitesnake will be playing one of their many hits, Rob Zombie will no doubt bring a little of his horror movie flair and Slash is making an appearance. So be prepared for a pretty busy and hopefully sun-drenched weekend of rock anthems to sing along to. Here’s three things we have to look forward to this year at Download …

  1. A Great Fancy Dress Theme - Video Game Characters

The great thing about this theme is that there’s so much to choose from. Saving princesses as Mario, saving Hyrule (and, like Mario, a princess as well) as Link, kicking butt as a Street Fighter, sneaking around like Solid Snake, slaying as Doomguy, raid tombs like Lara Croft, protecting galaxies like Samus Aran, becoming an amateur pirate as Guybrush Threepwood … The list goes on, and that’s just characters from some of the classic games. Heck, you could even do the much-loved group Tetris costume.

Then there’s the more contemporary classics. Overwatch’s Western-styled Ashe or the icy Mei, Hawaiian-shirted Tommy Vercetti, Final Fantasy’s fantastic Lightning … We could go on, really, there’s so much to choose from. What’s more is that Download picks the best costumes, and those who win are likely to get some kudos. Who knows what that might be (maybe even some sort of award or prize), so it’s perhaps worth making an effort with a costume or two - or even three - this Download.

2. All the (Relatively) New Bits and Pieces

Not only is The Village moving closer to the Arena in order to make it easier to move in between the two sites. The NXT Arena is also moving closer to the guest area. There are also plenty of mindfulness and meditation workshops taking place morning, noon and into the early evening, so you can get clear-headed for the party at night! There’s also plenty of time to rest and recuperate in the hammock and lounge areas, watching rock and metal documentaries in the Metal Movies area.

3. The Bands, Of Course!

Well, that’s what Download is all about, isn’t it? The headliners always tend to put in quite a show, and if there’s anything we can learn from previous years, then 2019’s ones will be similarly fun and hopefully even something spectacular.

So there we have it - 3 things that are likely to be great at this year’s Download. Hopefully the weather is good!