Although many people love the thrill of dressing up as a bloodthirsty vampire or axe murderer, your Halloween fancy dress outfit doesn't have to be scary.

An article published by the Huliq website has highlighted this idea, noting that October 31st is also an opportunity for partygoers to "express themselves on current events or hot trends in popular culture".

This means dressing up as a headline-grabbing celebrity or a character from the latest box-office smash can be just as fun as becoming a werewolf or ghoul for the evening.

The website suggested hit reality TV show Jersey Shore could inspire some costumes for Halloween this year, while Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin also look set to be popular.

Film fans may decide to go for Buzz Lightyear fancy dress to celebrate the recent release of Toy Story 3.

However, as the news site pointed out, the success of the Twilight Saga means vampire costumes should be just as popular as ever this time around.