Emma Watson has been enjoying wearing historical fancy dress after spending ten years as Hermione in the Harry Potter series.

The young actress has been filming for a forthcoming British film called My Week With Marilyn and she told the Belfast Telegraph she had to spend quite a lot of time in a corset.

"It's amazing to play a role that's in a different time period - the '50s are so much fun and I loved wearing the costumes," she commented.

However, Emma added that she wouldn't like to have to wear the 'waspie' - a kind of '50s corset - for too long, as it was a bit restrictive.

She said she is thrilled to be in the film, as it was a lovely start to her career after Potter.

My Week With Marilyn is set to be released in 2011 and tells the story of the period when Marilyn Monroe was being guided around Britain with Colin Clark after her husband Arthur Miller had left her.

Michelle Williams is to take on the Marilyn Monroe fancy dress for the project.