If you plan on sporting Christmas fancy dress this year, then you had better not do it half-heartedly. Jess Zaino, a lifestyle consultant in New York, told AMNY.com that you shouldn't just drag your old Santa outfit out of the back of the wardrobe still-wrinkled, as it will look like you don't care. Instead, she suggested trying out a new costume this year, such as elf fancy dress or being a reindeer for the day. "Try your best Bad Santa impression, or how about Santa on vacation?" the expert also offered. If you plan on being in character for a long period of time, Ms Zaino said it's a good idea to take along a mini survival kit containing a bottle of water, some snacks and a layer of clothing to put on if you are outside and get cold. Then, all you need to remember is to spread Christmas cheer by shouting holiday greetings to whoever you meet!