maternity fancy dress, costumes for pregnant women Finding well-fitting everyday clothes is hard enough when you’re pregnant. Getting a hold of a decent fancy dress costume for when you’re pregnant is doubly difficult. Figuring out what to wear to a fancy dress party when pregnant can prove to be triply laborious. Fortunately, we have a selection of costumes that can help you celebrate, hide or make reference to your maternal bump, at whatever stage of pregnancy you’re in. Here are some of our favourites …

#1 - 1950s and 1960s Style

Want to go back to a time when Don Drapers and Peggy Olsons were around, and the term “barefoot and pregnant” had some real teeth and venom? You can easily utilise your baby bump to make a play on any number of Mad Men or stereotypical 1950s/60s housewife characters. Moreover, all you’ll need to pull off this costume is a classic 50s-style dress and wig (think Marilyn Monroe or a pin-up style wig). 4227129608 42206  

#2 - The Old Ball-and-Chain

Want to keep your loved one in their rightful place - as a pawn to your matriarchal power, and in complete submission to your will? Well, you too can play Igor and his all-dominant vampiress leader of the brood this Halloween, and all you need is a simple ball-and-chain costume accessory to complete the look! For a couples costume, the prison bride and prisoner costume is a fun one, too. vamp

#3 - Animal Costumes

We here at Escapade have a wide selection of animal onesies in lots of different sizes. We have lots of different popular animal cartoon characters and the like, too, so whether you want to go as a crocodile, cat or zebra, or as an Angry Bird, Scooby-Doo or Miss Piggy (get the Kermit for a couple’s costume - just minus the violence Miss Piggy visits upon poor Kermit), we’ve got something for you. Should you want to go as something more plant-like, we have a Venus Flytrap costume, which is a great costume for Halloween or Little Shop of Horrors or musical themed party. 51893 67111 820159  

#4 - Pregnant Zombie

Anyone can be a zombie, but only YOU can be a Pregnant zombie! This requires a bit of DIY but really utilizes your baby bump when finished! Grab a tank top and a plain white T-shirt, a toy baby, hot glue and fake blood. Pull apart the toy baby, if possible, cut off the back of the baby’s head. Then glue the arms, legs and baby head to the tank top. Then put a normal T-shirt over the top and pull the baby’s arms and legs through the t-shirt so it looks like the baby is exploding from your belly. Then you can add fake blood around the baby’s limbs to make it look more realistic. baby

#4 - Various Couple’s Costumes

  We have a variety of costumes suitable for couples, all of which are simple to put on and easy to wear. Should you be going to a party with other friends and/or family members, then our Rock, Paper, Scissor pack is a great value, somewhat funny costume. We have other humorous couple’s costumes, too, like the Milk and Cookies combo costume (don’t get hungry, now), a tooth fairy and tooth duo costume and how about the two items you cannot wait to eat again after you give birth? Wine and cheese! 117294130954130754blog                     Finding a fun, funny, original and comfortable fancy dress for when you’re pregnant needn’t be as difficult as it may seem. In fact, there are loads of great costumes to choose from at Escapade Fancy Dress. So take a look online or come down to our store in Camden to check out our costumes in person, and you’ll be sure to find something suitable for you for whatever fancy dress party or event you’re going to.