October 31st may be seen as an opportunity to wear Halloween fancy dress and have a lot of fun, but it seems the authorities in the US are taking it quite seriously.

Clay Miller, who manages a costume store in Las Vegas, told the Las Vegas Weekly that he recently had the FBI in to issue a warning about cunning criminals wearing disguises such as tribal fancy dress.

"They were telling us that because the economy is so bad right now, a lot of people are robbing banks," he commented.

The shopkeeper added that he was told to be on the lookout for people asking about wigs and moustaches, as well as those acting strange.

"We're supposed to take down their license plate numbers and give 'em over," Clay said.

He'll probably have his work cut out, given than almost everyone is likely to be asking about wigs and masks now it's nearly Halloween!

Perhaps Clay should look out for anyone coming in asking for robber fancy dress and a swag bag…