Comic book fans are sure to be delighted to note that the first photographs of Spiderman's new superhero fancy dress have now been released.

Actor Andrew Garfield is to take over from Tobey Maguire as the webslinger in the new movie and the producers have come up with some subtle changes to his costume.

Rick Marshall from MTV had a careful look and noticed that Spidey seems to have some new web-shooters on his wrists, as well as longer gloves that have more silver.

The symbol on the Spiderman fancy dress is also much larger than in previous incarnations, stretching from shoulders to waist, while the outfit looks more mesh-like than Spandex as was the case before.

"The online world is buzzing about what it could mean for the upcoming reboot of the blockbuster film franchise," Mr Marshall enthused.

However, the outfit is still largely red and blue, so you'll be recognised if you dress up as him even if you go for a more retro look.