Fans of classic horror films may want to return to one of the genre's best-loved characters for this year's Halloween fancy dress party.

A new Nightmare on Elm Street movie was released earlier this year and it's coming out on DVD soon, so October 31st 2010 could be the perfect time to dress up as Freddy Krueger.

Not only this, but Universal Studios Hollywood has announced a new attraction based on the spine-chilling film which you can glean inspiration from for your own bash!

According to Bloody Disgusting, the theme park is rolling out Never Sleep Again, a maze that will take visitors through the world of Freddy - including the Barham Day Care Centre and the infamous boiler room - with plenty of scares along the way.

It sounds like some of the participants may actually never sleep again after that, but it would be a great idea to decorate your home in a similar way to create a sort of Halloween treasure hunt for your friends.

You can then leap out in your Freddy Krueger fancy dress at the end to make sure your party has the fear factor.