If you're feeling a bit fed up because you've had to switch to own-brand baked beans and stop going out as often because of the economic downturn, then why not try some fun fancy dress to cheer you up?

About My Area said it's not surprising that people are feeling a bit down, but suggested that dressing up in costume is a great way to beat the post-recession blues.

"Many people think that dressing up is costly but that doesn't always have to be the case," it insisted.

In fact, it pointed out that things like French Maid fancy dress could boost your spirits and cost less than a top from the high street.

This could be a perfect idea if you're being forced to stay at home this Valentine's Day. However, if you're single at the moment, you could give yourself a giggle by getting in your maid costume to do the housework this weekend. Just don't forget to draw the curtainsā€¦