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The owner of a furniture shop has said he fears his store is haunted because of a series of unexplained events that have happened recently.

Andy Rees told the Wirral News he thinks that Raspy's in Birkenhead has a spirit among all the tables and wardrobes, even though he's not sure he believes in them fully.

"You get a feeling that somebody is watching you and you can hear footsteps late at night, even though you know nobody is in," he shuddered.

Mr Rees also said he has experienced the lights going on and off by themselves.

He is now trying to find out more about the building, particularly after a customer helpfully said they thought someone had died there in the 1960s.

 Hopefully we hear more about this story, as it sounds just like something out of The Ghost Whisperer!

Mr Rees might think himself lucky he doesn't live in Chester, which claims to be the most haunted city in Britain on the website.

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