Anyone struggling for fresh ideas for a Halloween fancy dress party could take inspiration from a new event in Washington.

Seattle is to host its first ever ZomBCon next month, which aims to celebrate all things undead.

Taking place between October 29th and 31st 2010, it will include screenings of popular films like Dawn of the Dead, as well as plenty of opportunities to party in costumes and pretend to eat brains.

ZomBCon founder and artistic director Ryan Reiter said he hopes the event will put Seattle on the map as the 'Zombie Capital of the World', particularly since the city recently broke a record for the largest zombie walk ever recorded.

He added: "ZomBCon will be the first of its kind in the world celebrating the biggest horror icon, the zombie."

This could be a great idea to borrow for your own party - why not get all your mates to wear zombie fancy dress and then visit a few pubs for dramatic effect? You could then head home to watch zombie films to round off a really scary evening.