If you're the chivalrous type, what better way is there of tying the knot than wearing a Knight fancy dress costume to walk down the aisle?

This is what Wayne Stewart from Exmouth must have been thinking this week when he married partner of 12 years Vicki O'Connor in a medieval-themed ceremony.

The couple and all their guests arrived in fancy dress costumes as opposed to traditional wedding attire, according to Devon 24.

"For our big day we wanted to do something different and fun," explained Wayne, adding that people like to dress up in the local area because it has such a lot of history.

Interestingly, there was no mention of what his bride wore, but if we were her, we'd have opted for something opulent like a Maid Marion Costume.

In fact, given the array of outfits to coincide with the movie, something completely Robin Hood-themed could be a great idea whatever you're planning!