Music and art festivals have had an interesting history over the decades and, since their heyday in the 60s when festivals started to become bigger and more prevalent, have had significant social impact. Woodstock left an indelible mark on the world, and could have been one of the most peaceful large social gatherings in recent history.

Then came the free festivals of the 70s and the establishment of the now world-famous Glastonbury Festival, the big arena and stadium rock acts and festivals of the 80s and 90s (and the free/outdoor rave and underground rock scenes which in some ways a backlash to the increased corporatisation of festivals), the “festival explosion”, and then the DIY and art-focused ethos of Burning Man (which famously inspired the invention of Google) and its regional counterparts such as Nowhere Festival and KiwiBurn.

In some ways, festivals are going back to their free-spirited and creative roots in the 60s and 70s. Setting an amazing scene, letting artists contribute to the overall festival experience, and putting on a varied lineup is starting to become more important. Festivals such as Secret Garden Party, Boomtown and Shambala have become must-go events, not just in the UK but the world. And what has become even more important in recent times? Why, letting yourself go, getting into the spirit of things, and getting dressed up!

Here’s some ways of standing out in the crowd in your fancy dress at festivals this year …

  1. Neon

Ever since the acid house days, neon can be seen in festivals and free parties everywhere. Yet, it’s surprising how few people tend to actually wear neon, and there are fewer great sights to both the wearer and the reveller than seeing loads of pretty lights at nighttime! Getting on your neon beaded bracelets, trilby hat and neon belts can help you find your friends as well!

2. Sequins

Putting together a great sequin outfit isn’t difficult, and they can be both classy and colourful. Moreover, you can vary sequin outfits in many ways. Whether it’s black sequin braces and black trilby hats or gold waistcoats and bow ties (or even a mix of the two), you can put together and accessorize any number of costumes. Of course, we have sequined accessories and outfits available in several colours, including pink, green and red, so you can add a bit of glitz and glamour to all sorts of costumes.

3. Follow the Theme

Festivals often have fancy dress themes. Keep a lookout on their respective sites for more information. Boomtown, for example, has several different district themes, including the Wild West, dystopian future and bohemian circus. Shambala’s theme, meanwhile, is Extinction Carnival, for which we have an excellent velociraptor costume that is easily reusable. Of course, you can use these as ideas for any festival you go to!

4. The Classic Catsuit

Catsuits are great. All you have to do is put them on, and you can easily add some colourful specs and jazzy jewellery to add that little bit extra. We have some great catsuits available here at Escapade, including this great festival-appropriate Hippy Flower Power Catsuit or even Lady Deadpool. This zebra print bodysuit is also likely to look quite great under the festival lights.

5. Ultraviolet - UV

It may be simple and classic, but there’s little better than glow-in-the-dark face and body paints and accessories that you can put on your own way, in all sorts of pretty and intricate patterns. It’s also great fun (and a bit of a bonding experience) to put on paints on yourself and your friends during the festival.

So there we have it - 5 simple, great ideas that can help you stand out at any festival this or any other summer.