700x472-px-blog-top-five-halloween-predictions-2017-films   We know it’s a little early, but getting a Halloween costume sooner rather than later can save all sorts of stress. Here’s what’s looking to be the hottest costumes for 2017 … Stranger-things-costume

Stranger things, Eleven costume and wig, coming soon.

1.Eleven - Stranger Things

No, it’s not a film, but we can’t really put a list of costumes up without mentioning this awesome show. Plus, it’s quite easy to watch an entire season of Stranger Things in one sitting, like it’s an epic film. The first episode of the second season is also looking to be aired on Halloween, so you can bet that classic eighties-style clothing of all types (like Dustin’s red, white and blue baseball cap) will be worn by fans the world over for the premiere. That’s one of the great things about Stranger Things - it’s a contemporary show set in the 80s. Many costumes and fancy dress theme on the night are likely to have a heavy 80s feel, and this show allows people to do something both new and old at the same time. Moreover, Eleven’s pink-dress-and-denim combo is not the most difficult costume to pull off, whether you’re a boy or a girl! wonder-woman-costume

Wonder Women costumes

2. Wonder Woman

Sing it … “Wonder Womaaaaan … Wonder Womaaaaaan... / All the world is waiting for you / And the power you posseeeeess / In your satin tights / And fighting for your rights / And the old red, white and bluuuueeeee.” Well, it’s unlikely that the upcoming summer blockbuster will include the theme song from the classic 70s TV version of Wonder Woman, but we can hope! Wonder Woman looks to have a couple of different costumes for the new film: the classic red, white, blue and gold and an Amazonian Warrior type, both complete with sword and shield. The film is set to be almost three hours long, detailing Wonder Woman’s journey into superhero-hood. Expect an action-laden special effects extravaganza! Spiderman-Homecoming-costume

Spider-Man costumes

3. Spider-Man

Apparently, Peter Parker had such a great time with the Avengers, he decides to fully embrace the superhero lifestyle and balance it with his school life. This story is supposedly worthy enough to make another film out of, so we have been given one in the form of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Oh, and looking at the film’s stills so far, he may be wielding Captain America’s shield as well, so feel free to mix it up a bit this Halloween with several different Marvel heroes. Can make for a great group costume, too. annabelle-costume

Annabelle costumes

4. Annabelle

Granted, the first film wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but Annabelle was a fun enough film to see on the big screen. The second Annabelle film, Annabelle 2: Creation, looks to be fairly similar popcorn-fodder. The story of a possessed doll isn’t exactly original, but you can’t beat a classic standard narrative for a few scares and laughs. The other great thing about Annabelle? The costume’s pretty great, and definitely creepy. A doll dress, some green contact lenses, ponytailed doll hair, white makeup, red blush, long eyelashes and a black teardrop … Simple yet effective. Beauty-and-the-beast-movie

Beauty and the Beast costumes

5. Beauty and the Beast

How can you do a live action remake of an animated classic, and do it justice? Sure, the 2017 version doesn’t quite match up to the 1991 version - which many would argue heralded the beginning of the 1990s “Disney Renaissance” - but it almost gets there. Also, recapturing the magic and majesty of the animated version in a live setting was always going to be difficult, so we’re happy the 2017 Beauty and the Beast manages to pull it off. Makes for quite the impressive couple’s costume, too! So there we have it. Our top five predictions for Halloween costumes this year. Shop around and sort yours out as soon as possible - it’s sure to save your long-term stress!