A Halo fancy dress costume could be the perfect choice for fans of the computer game who want to get noticed.

Julian Horsey from Geeky Gadgets recently got in touch with a special effects artist named Pete Mander, who has recreated one of the Halo Elite costumes as a one-off piece which will probably go on display in a movie exhibition somewhere.

It is 7ft tall and took Pete hours of manpower, since it also moves animatronically.

Julian said the end result is "very impressive" and suggested it could be great for a fancy dress party.

"Or just wear it to work and see what your work colleagues think of it," he added helpfully.

Actually, since it looks like a cross between Ridley Scott's Aliens and the Predator fancy dress costume it probably wouldn't go down too well in most offices and workplaces.

As we mentioned, this particular costume is a one-off, but you can get your hands on a Master Chief costume from Halo 3, or a Predator outfit ready for the new film next week.