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Henry Cavill has revealed he is really enjoying wearing Superman fancy dress to shoot the new movie.

The Brit told Total Film magazine the famous suit - which is more toned-down than the classic one we remember thanks to more modern-looking material - is "extremely cool".

"They just put it on, I turned around and looked in the mirror and you can't play it cool - you sort of laugh," he commented.

However, Cavill has had to really bulk up to play the man of steel, as he revealed he was very lean before winning the part. Now, he is eating 5,000 calories and training for two-and-a-half hours every day, so should have plenty of muscle by the time we see him on our cinema screen in 2013.

It was speculated back in November 2010 that Matthew Goode from Watchmen and Joe Manganiello were in the running to play Superman, but Zack Snyder eventually chose Cavill.

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