Donning historical fancy dress and taking part in re-enactments could be a great way to get fit and learn something at weekends.

An article in the Telegraph points out that societies offering people the chance to do this are springing up all over the country - but it's not as geeky as many sceptics might think.

Director of Combat International said re-enactments, perhaps those including Roman fancy dress, can give participants the chance to reawaken their interest in history and develop a great family hobby.

"Whole families get involved and it's a great way for kids of the Playstation generation to learn and be active," he commented.

The expert added that Brits may be getting more interested in such pastimes as a result of the historical dramas they see on TV.

Earlier this month, the Telegraph also reported that historical costumes from the 1920s could soon become popular after the launch of new TV series Boardwalk Empire.