Historical fancy dress could experience a sudden boom in interest when new TV series Boardwalk Empire shows on UK TV for the first time next week.

The Telegraph has predicted that the programme will have "an indelible impact on our wardrobes" as viewers see what the Roaring Twenties were like in the US.

Writer and director Terence Winter said people are sure to love the outfits worn by the cast because they are so decadent and paved the way for present day fashions.

"It's all overlaid with hand-crafting, which adds richness and detail. The 1920s was a transition into modern clothes, but with all the embellishments of the past," he commented.

Boardwalk Empire will begin on soon-to-be-launched channel Sky Atlantic on February 1st 2011 and the first episode is directed by Martin Scorsese.

John Patterson of the Guardian recently recommended it, saying the programme will rival Mad Men as a result of its flapper fancy dress and Jazz Age backdrop.