October 31st is a great time of year for kids - but it's not such fun for mums when little ones come home from trick or treating in their Halloween fancy dress giddy on sugar.

However, according to Caryna St John from lifestyle website Helium, there are ways to make sure children still enjoy the festivities without having them up all night or their teeth falling out shortly afterwards.

She pointed out that by hosting your own bash at home, you can provide non-sugary treats such as toasted pumpkin seeds and peeled 'eyeball' grapes that will still be satisfying but will also be a lot healthier.

Getting youngsters in devil fancy dress and other outfits involved in putting on plays or telling spooky stories will leave less time for collecting sweeties and toffees from neighbours, as will traditional games like apple-bobbing and making shrunken heads from fruit, Caryna said.

"Your child might just have so much fun that candy is all but forgotten," she concluded.

A great game this year could be getting children to create their own Twilight-like story, especially with all the current vampire hype still doing the rounds.