Hot on the heels of revealing she has a fun fancy dress room at home, Jaime Winstone has now admitted to being a little bit obsessed with it at parties.

Earlier this month, the actress told the Daily Star she and housemate Daisy Lowe have a special dressing-up space in their house ready for whenever they want to have a party.

Now, she has said in an interview with the Herald Scotland that she loves taking her costumes outside of the home they share too.

"I have always been massively into fancy dress, which I think links in with the performer in me. Turning up to a party with a fancy dress box is very normal for me," she commented.

Jaime added that her friends tend to rib her good-naturedly when she turns up to events complete with her dressing-up box.

She also revealed that anything glittery is a big draw for her costumes, as is anything related to the beautiful and the damned.

However, Jaime may also have some zombie fancy dress in her stash after starring in the E4 drama Dead Set last year.