Jaime Winstone has revealed she doesn't have to go far to indulge her love of fun fancy dress - because she's got a whole room dedicated to it at home.

The actress, who lives with model Daisy Lowe, told the Daily Star they both love a good party, particularly the ones that go on for days on end.

And in order to make sure they are always ready for a good bash, the girls have had a special room put in their shared house.

"We have a creative room and a fancy dress room in our house. It's cool … I'm not sure who's the messiest out of us. We're both really bad," Jaime commented.

Hopefully the pair have easygoing neighbours to put up with all those parties!

Jaime and Daisy aren't the only celebrities who have admitted to having a penchant for dressing up - Jo Wood recently said she enjoys vintage and historical fancy dress, while Holly Willoughby uses sexy fancy dress to spice up her marriage.