Katie Price has revealed that she thinks her husband Alex Reid might turn up to their wedding reception this weekend in sexy fancy dress.

The publicity-hungry pair will have a second ceremony in the UK on Saturday (July 3rd 2010) after the press claimed that their original wedding in Las Vegas was not legal - plus they'll get paid for the photos this way.

Speaking on Alan Carr's chat show Chatty Man, Price said she half-expects Roxanne - Reid's cross-dressing alter ego - to make an appearance at some point.

"When the clock strikes 12, Cinderella will disappear and out comes Roxanne," she said, according to the Sunday Mirror.

However, hen-pecked Reid insisted that he will be having a normal blokey stag do and not a hen party for Roxanne, as his wife hinted.

Given how they hog tabloid column inches, we wouldn't be surprised if either of them turned up to the wedding blessing in Borat fancy dress!