Pop star Ke$ha ordered a last-minute costume change for her recent X Factor performance in Australia after fearing that her dancers looked as though they were in historical fancy dress.

The Tik Tok singer was due to appear on stage within hours, but she suddenly expressed concerns that the red armbands sported by her entourage made the outfits look like Nazi fancy dress.

"Ke$ha was concerned … and requested they be removed, as this was simply not part of the brief," a spokesperson said.

However, in the end, the singer ended up in more trouble over a swear word that was not removed from her performance and her provocative dancing than what her backing dancers were wearing.

Last month, a councilor from Harrogate got in bother after being photographed dressed as Hitler at a costume party.

Mike Gardner happened to be doing the Nazi salute too, but he insists he was not making light of World War II and was instead making reference to the year of his birth.