Kids at a nursery in Newcastle are to don children's fancy dress as part of a forthcoming charity event this week.

The Croft Day Care nursery is to allow children to dress up in colourful costumes as part of Bring a Pound to Work Day, which is being organised on Friday October 15th 2010 by the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

Parents of the fancy dress-clad youngsters will pay a pound to the charity drive, while staff members will also be making their own contributions by dressing down on the day, reports the Sentinel.

Senior nursery nurse Joanne Hughes said that workers at the facility are expecting a fun day after a radio advertisement convinced them to take part in the event.

She added: "Plenty of us have had friends or family members in the hospice so it is a cause we like to support."

Of course, parents are likely to see a lot more children in costume in the coming weeks thanks to the approach of Halloween, which will involve youngsters wearing zombie fancy dress and other spooky outfits prowling the streets.