So, you’re getting married and looking to spend your final days of freedom perhaps drunk, dressed as tackily as possible, and touching and leering at men - or indeed women - without their consent. It’s your (or your best mate’s) hen night, after all, and absolutely nothing will be allowed to take the spotlight away from your navel-gazing narcissism. Well, whether you want something naughty and salacious or a couple of classy hen do ideas, here are 5 themes or places you can explore and possibly play Hen Party games in London …

Victorian Girl Gang 500x200-px-blog-ima-1

Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume, Victorian Lolita Costume

If you want to do something both classy and morally dubious, you can’t beat the Victorians for inspiration. Mr. Fogg’s Residence is a cocktail bar in Mayfair with an olde-world charm, styled after the period when Phileas Fogg set off on his adventures around the world. There are also 80 different drinks to choose from. The venue also appreciates it when its patrons make the effort and dress up. Oh, and you have to ring a bell to get in. Once you’re in, expect to see interesting objects everywhere - a bit like a curiosity shop or attic-filled-with-old-wondrous stuff.  

Be Bavarian Maids500x200-px-blog-ima-5

Oktobermiss CostumeTavern Girl Costume

If the bride to be is a fan of beer an unusual theme’s, why not celebrate Octoberfest early and go to a Bavarian style Beerhouse! Bavarian Beerhouse near Old Street offers delicious traditional German food as well as a jolly atmosphere! You’ll be able to dress up and have a full stomach too!  

Go Greek  500x200-px-blog-ima-2

Greek Empress Costume Blue, Women's Deluxe Classic Toga

You don’t have to be John Belushi to have a toga party, but it certainly helps. Nothing screams “hedonism” and “debauchery” quite like dressing up like a Greek Goddess and hitting London town with all you’ve got. As for parties and locations, some places occasionally host toga parties, but they are usually held at sporadic times of the year. Perhaps the most consistent and well-regarded Greek-themed night on at the moment is Hellenic Nights at Morton’s Club (W1J 6EN). They host parties that include a mix of Greek and English music, and it’s a place where lots of Greek people go for a good night out.

Have a Luau 500x200-px-blog-ima-3

Hawaiian Multicoloured SkirtHawaiian Garland

Finding good hen do locations can be a difficult task. Many venues can be overly expensive and have all sorts of rules, conditions and hidden fees attached to them. For this reason, Ridley Road Market Bar near Dalston Kingsland Station gets a special mention. Ridley Road Market Bar is not too expensive, a great jazzy vibe and tiki bar style decor means you can go full-on Pacific Islander during the summer months. Just be wary of the long queues if heading to this place in the wee hours of the morning!  

Back to the Eighties500x200-px-blog-ima-4

Purple Magical Unicorn Costume, Rockin' 80s Costume

The 80s was a special time for many of us. Whether you decide to dress up in neon clothing, sweatbands and Hi-Tec trainers or lace, lipstick and leather jackets, there are lots of fancy dress ideas for this most tumultuous of eras. There are also several clubs and bars with 80s or decade theme, like Reflex, Maggie’s Club and The Loop Bar, all around the Soho/Barbican area. Should you wish to go for a different decade, then Disrepute cocktail bar in Soho is a great 60s-themed place (and was Audrey Hepburn’s bar of choice!). We hope we’ve given you several good ideas and locations to ponder over and choose from. Whatever you decide to do, come on over to Escapade Fancy Dress in Camden and get prepared for the hen party of your lives!