Comic book enthusiasts may want to keep their eyes peeled for Captain America fancy dress in London in the coming months - because it may be the real thing.

Well, not the actual superheroes, but at least the actors playing the Marvel characters in the new movie.

It has been revealed by the Los Angeles Times that Captain America: The First Avenger is to be shot in location in Britain, as many of the scenes are set there and elsewhere in Europe.

Consequently, you may just spot Chris Evans (the American guy, not the ginger Radio 2 DJ), Samuel Jackson and Hugo Weaving leaping around in superhero fancy dress or chilling out between takes.

The story was originally released during World War II and tells the tale of a mild-mannered US citizen who signs up for a top secret defence project, only to find himself with superhuman powers fighting the Nazis.

It has also been revealed that Toby Jones will dress up in a Mad Scientist costume to play the baddie in the film, while Ryan Phillippe has said he was disappointed not to have landed the lead role.

The movie should be ready by summer 2011.