When retired doctor Lewis Dickinson bought a German fancy dress costume complete with lederhosen while he was on holiday, he was delighted to have another national outfit to wear as a change from a kilt for his native Scotland.

So delighted in fact that he decided to choose it as his evening costume for a recent night out in London.

However, all did not go according to plan after he entered the bar at Claridge's Hotel, the Daily Mail reports.

Rather than admiring his smart German leather shorts, hat with a feather and long socks, staff asked him to leave the premises because he was breaching the dress code.

Although Dr Dickinson pointed out there were plenty of women in short skirts around, it was to no avail and he found himself back on the footpath in Mayfair.

"I had just decided that was what I wanted to wear that night and cannot see what was wrong with it," he lamented.

A spokesperson for the hotel said that although lederhosen may be making a fashion comeback, Claridge's makes no exceptions to its no shorts rule.

Perhaps Dr Dickinson had better swap his German costume back to Scottish fancy dress and a kilt again!