From May 22nd to the 24th, Escapade partook in the best convention ever! We set up shop for the weekend and brought you the finest selection of fancy dress costumes and accessories! Exclusives from Marvel and classics like Creepy Horse Mask! Our offerings went down a treat! But the thing we enjoyed the most was getting to hang out with you, of course. We saw so many great cosplayers; and even snapped our own pictures with you. Not to mention we also had the gorgeous Stacey Rebecca signing with us on Saturday. Were you lucky enough to run into her at the convention?



We were proud to be part of this legendary weekend supplying accessories, paraphernalia and even full outfits to a frankly awesome array of attendees including Power Rangers, Minions and Dothraki! If you were there on the day and have managed to find yourself in our gallery, please feel free to re-post anywhere you like. Keep your eyes peeled for our video report from the entire weekend, out soon!

Robots In Disguise!

We bumped into our friends and Cosplay heroes; The Super Maians! We loved their entirely hand-made Transformers costumes. Bumblebee, Megatron and Starscream; they are all here! Their cosplay skills are out of this world! We think it's safe to say they are the most adorable family in cosplay.


To The Rescue! Comic Con is the perfect location to meet all of your  fearless superheroes in one place! From Thor, to Jake and Finn from Adventure Time, we thought we had transcended into a distant Utopian universe; where all superheroes existed on one plane. Yes your costumes were that good. They blew us away! Can you find yourself in our pictures? Where did you get your costumes from? Let us know in the comments section!



The Dark Side

There is a darker side to every coin, a yin to every yang... So of course with such an abundance of  Superheroes, the super villains were not far behind! From Poison Ivy to Predator, you guys covered it all. A special mention to a rather impressive Jafar, we salute you for your hypnotizing gaze and incredibly awesome costume. Cosplay isnt just about fancy dress, it's about getting into character! Here are some snaps of those pesky baddies we dared to get close enough to...



A Whole New World

Then there's just the down right cute! MCM is often host to a plethora of Disney princesses, wide-eyed anime sweethearts and lovable pixar characters! You got us giddy! Ariel, Cinderella, Big Hero too! you guys were adorable. Don't forget to tag yourselves in our photos, and feel free to share too.



The Rest Of The Best

We took so many photos that we are running out of room! So here is a selection of our favourite Cosplayers of the weekend. To the patrons of London MCM Comic Con 2015; a huge warm thank you for another incredible convention. We absolutely loved hanging out with you and talking about your fabulous outfits. Keep on rockin', our fellow nerds! Until next time.