The Australian city of Melbourne has broken a record after successfully gathering the most people in superhero fancy dress in one location.

Previously, the UK held the Guinness World Record for this with 1,091, but the Aussies have now taken our title by gathering 1,245 superheroes at Federation Square.

There was an array of different outfits, with Spiderman costumes and Cat Woman among the most popular and people of all ages joining in with the fun.

Among them was nine-day-old Rhys Hampton, whose mum had bought him a Batman fancy dress outfit especially for the event.

The record was organised to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first ever DC comic. However, comic enthusiasts may be interested to hear that Batman was not introduced until issue 27 in May 1939.

Superhero outfits are a great idea if you're going to a costume party with a group of mates.

Why not pick some of the more obscure characters like Bat Fink or Dangermouse to really stand out from the crowd?