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Meryl Streep had plenty of practice playing a woman who didn't stand any messing in The Devil Wears Prada, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that she did the same with flair as Margaret Thatcher in new film Iron Lady.

However, what is quite remarkable is the fact that the Hollywood A-lister has become a dead ringer for the first female prime minister, even down to the way she sounds.

A trailer has now been released for Iron Lady, which comes out on January 6th 2012. It shows a pair of image advisers discussing a makeover with a person who cannot be seen from the camera's viewpoint.

Right at the end of the clip, the shot moves to reveal Streep as Baroness Thatcher, complete with that famous hairdo, hat and pearls.

Demonstrating her legendary firm will, she promptly dismisses the suggestions of the men and insists her way will do just fine.

Baroness Thatcher became famous for her hard stance against trade unions and the Soviet Union, as well as her historical "the lady's not for turning" speech.

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