A Church of Scotland minister has inadvertently upset some of the Catholics in his parish by putting photographs of himself in fun fancy dress on the internet.

Reverend Gary Caldwell had the snaps taken at a costume party which he attended wearing nun fancy dress, the Daily Express reports.

Thinking he looked quite funny, he posted them as the profile picture on his Facebook page, but sparked controversy in Airdrie.

Someone complained and he had to remove the offending photograph, as well as apologise to the local community.

"I understand the Presbytery intend not to take any action against him, which I find astonishing as the picture is offensive to me as a Catholic," said the angry parishioner.

This follows a similar case last month, in which Rev Martin Wray from South Shields received a slap on the wrist for dressing in drag at a charity event, the Shields Gazette reported.

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