guide to, morpsuit Want to buy a Morphsuit for freshers or Halloween? Tried one on but felt too self-conscious? You may have been doing it wrong! We’ve rounded up some top tips to help you hide the bulge and feel less exposed so you can strut your stuff whilst in your skin tight suit.

#1 -  Underwear

Double up on underwear and wear two pairs of tight boxer shorts. Now this can hide SOME of the issues, but not all. You may have to add some ‘padding’ if you still feel too uncomfortable. A sock will do the trick! boxershorts

#2 - Compression Shorts or Dance belt

Used by Martial artists and Ballet dancers dance shorts or compression shorts are a perfect way to tuck everything away and safe! Dance-shortsdancebelt    

#3 - Groin Protector

Not only useful for protecting your crown jewels during a game of footie but great for creating a smooth line and keeping your junk in check! groin-protector

#4 - Shorts or Trousers

Wearing shorts over the Morphsuit will give you the extra edge of POCKETS. You can have your phone and wallet on you all the time. Although, if you feel like this ruins the effect of the Morphsuit then wear them under the suit, rather have lumps all over than in one specific area. ;) morphsuit with shorts  

#5 - Protect Your Hair

This tip goes for girls and guys alike. There is nothing worse than getting your hair stuck in a zipper. As every Morphsuit has a zipper up the back, you will at some point want to zip your head into your costume. Using a wig cap will ensure you have your hair safely out of the way. wig hair protector  

#6 - Customise

Which Morphsuit colour is best, you may ask, well it all depends on the theme of the party or character you want to be! Add a mask to an orange Morphsuit to become an instant Hannibal Lecter. A white shirt and jeans with a yellow Morphsuit will bring out the Homer Simpson in anyone, PLUS you can also drink through the mask (winning)! Some Morphsuits are already impressive and only need a few accessories, like our orc Morphsuit. Add an axe or bones jewelry to accessorise, World of Warcraft style. Even a simple cape and devil horns will turn a red Morphsuit into a fancy devil. blogexamples