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A young mother in Florida has been told by doctors that she must stop eating furniture if she is to avoid doing serious harm to her body.

Adele Edwards, 30, is addicted to eating household items like rubbers and elastic bands. However, her favourite thing to chomp on is the stuffing from sofas and she thinks she has consumed about eight settees and five chairs' worth in her life so far.

"I was ten years old when I was first introduced to cushion. At first, I thought it was strange but, after sucking it for a while, I came to like the texture," she told TV programme My Strange Addiction.

Ms Edwards, who says she thinks the stuffing tastes like sweets, has a form of the behavioural disorder pica and has been told she has to stop by medics.

According to website Eating disorder Expert, pica is a rare condition and can result in people eating items including chalk, soil and even paint chips.

Pregnant women often experience a form of it while they are expecting.

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