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If you've ever wondered how dangerously you are living, then you might be pleased to know there is a new app to tell you.

Fearsquare has been written by researchers at the University of Lincoln and works in conjunction with the popular Foursquare service.

When users check in to various locations such as hotels or cinemas by visiting them, the new app compares the data with crime figures from local police databanks.

It can then work out how many crimes were committed each month in the locations visited by that person and average them out to provide points to correspond with riskiness.

Users can then compare their 'Fearpoints' with their friends to find out who is most daring - or to become completely paranoid and worried about ever setting foot outside the front door.

Twitter posters have already called Fearsquare "creepy".

In February 2011, an online crime map of the UK was launched by the Home Office, proving so popular that the website was crashed by the volume of people trying to log on to it.

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